ql.io 0.4.0-beta

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This is a beta release of ql.io on node.js 0.6.x.

  • Use native cluster module to start the app
  • Upgrade all dependencies to the latest
  • Limit response size to 10000000 bytes from upstream sources. You can change this with maxResponseLength in the config.
  • Limit outgoing requests per statement to 50. You can change this with maxRequests in the config.
  • Chain events for logging done with log-emitter.
  • Add a new JSON based interface to browse tables and routes. Try /routes to start browsing.

If you are interested in running ql.io on node.js 0.4.x, use the 0.3 branch.

To create an app using ql.io 0.4 modules, follow the usual steps:

 mkdir myapp
 cd myapp
 curl https://raw.github.com/ql-io/ql.io/master/modules/template/init.sh | bash