ql.io 0.6

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Today’s release of ql.io 0.6 includes the following changes:

  • Support array style reference in columns clause, such as select 'b-1', 'b-3'['c-1'] from a.
  • Disable ability to enable/disable ecv checks by default. You can turn it on by adding arg --ecvControl true to the start script.
  • Add optional parameters in route. Including “with optional params” in route would make params without ^ prefix optional. When this clause is present, only required tokens are used for matching a request to a route.
  • Be able to start the server on multiple ports
  • Added support for multiple attachments. See docs on insert http://ql.io/docs/insert
  • End pending connections on close after responses are written.
  • Support cache events (hit, miss, new, error, info, heartbeat)
  • Switch to new cluster2
  • Added new syntaxes “with part” and opaque insert param.
  • Fix expression parsing in string template so that a token like "{obj.prop[?(@.price > 2)]}" is valid
  • Add support for escaped quotes in string values
  • Update PEG.js to 0.7.
  • Remove duplicates from in clause.
  • Use hasOwnProperty in place of prop lookup while joining
  • Deal with non UTF-8 encodings from upstream resources
  • When joining, use ‘==’ to maintain backwards compat
  • Refactor logging to error, access, proxy and default logs. The proxy log file contains outgoing req/resp, access log contains incoming requests, error log contains all errors and warnings, and the rest go to ql.io.log. All these files are rotated.
  • Include a payload with begin events
  • Support local offset and limit
  • Fix the case of alias names with joins and UDFs.
  • Add UDFs in where clause to post process rows. You can either tweak or remove a row. See https://gist.github.com/2334012 for semantics of UDFs. UDF support for the where clause is coming in version 0.7.